Why do I need maintenance?

It is very important to keep a website well maintained.  A website has to satisfy your user needs without encountering errors.  A properly functioning website plays a very important part in customer satisfaction.

These areas need to be monitored to ensure a well maintained site:

  1. publishing timely updates to webpage content, make sure all pages are complete and current.
  2. identify errors and get them corrected immediately.
  3. Feedback – have a feedback page that is monitored for customer views and problems

There are various maintenance actions that can be implemented through vigilance to your site. Do you have any issues with your site?

  1. Broken hyperlinks and broken image links – like it or not, sometimes it happens
  2. Missing page titles on the tabs in your browser
  3. Missing content or images
  4. Bad image resolution, including blurry images and images that need image optimization for faster loading
  5. Spelling and grammar mistakes
  6. Proper heading titles that are the summary of the content beneath it.
  7. Webpage layout – is your page well spaced with plenty of breathing room? Or does it look cluttered and hard to read?
  8. Missing headings – Do you just have paragraphs, and nothing to tell the viewer what they are about to read?
  9. Missing meta data – this is the information that you should have on the page for browsers and search engines to read.
  10. Missing alt tags on images – this is the info that browsers use when images are not viewable.
  11. All major browsers (IE, FF, Chrome, Safari) render the same.  This does not mean exact, just that it is close.
  12. Online forms are functional – Non-functioning forms can cause a loss of sales
  13. Javascript is functional unless turned off, in which case, the page still works just doesn’t have some of bells and whistles.
  14. The pages load in a timely manner, including images and javascript.  Slow loading pages cause viewers to go elsewhere.

I offer web site design and maintenance.  If any of the items listed is happening in your web site, get in touch with me and let me get them fixed.  My web site maintenance rates are very reasonable. 

Disclosure: Please read our privacy policy as it contain important information about using this site.  Product Ads or endorsements are paid advertisements which help control costs.

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