Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization In Web Design

Business web designs are created to promote your products and increase sales.  SEO in not an exact science.  It is always changing.  What is good today gets you nowhere tomorrow.  Search engines like Google tweak their algorithms daily. 

Search Engine Optimization is now about the human element and what is being searched for organically on the internet.  The only consistent factor is the quality of your content.  Content is the number one ranking factor in your site.

As a web site developer I look at the design and content quality in your design request and will give you suggestions on how you might improve the quality of your content.  It is still up to you what  you want to provide in your site.  You are the best judge of what your business is and what you want to provide in your site.

In order for your website to be seen, you need search engine optimization incorporated into your web site design.  I will provide the research and design code needed to optimize your site once the content has been provided.

SEO results are forever changing.  As content is added to the internet, more relevant and current content replaces old and irrelevant content.  Keep your site as up to date as possible.

Logos and Branding

Branding is the design you use for your business card, letterhead, email headers, business signs and any other place you might use a logo.  If you have a logo that you use consistently your web site needs to incorporate it and the color into your website.


Every page has to have some kind of content in it.  Content is King.  Are you selling merchandise online?  You will want pictures of the items you have to sell and good descriptions.    Make sure that any links you add are quality links.  Bad links are the worst of SEO nightmares.  Links that lead nowhere and link-spamming sites are the quickest way to move your page rank to the bottom of the list.  Poor quality links can get you black-listed or land you in the last page of search results.

I recommend Hostmonster for hosting service.  Great service and great prices or if you just want a small personal site I can host your site myself at a reduced rate.Per FCC requirements – While my endorsement of Hostmonster is real, I am required to inform you that I do receive a commission from them if you click on any of my links. Thank you if you do, because it is how I keep my costs lower, as I pass them on to you.

Disclosure: Please read our privacy policy as it contain important information about using this site.  Product Ads or endorsements are paid advertisements which help control costs.

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